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Happy 1-Year Anniversary, Robert!

Happy 1-Year Anniversary, Robert! Robert has passed his 1-year milestone with Akamai, and wow, what a year it has been! He’s become adept in all our support products, and has headed up the launch and implementation of our new phishing and user security awareness training product PhishingBox. He’s added to his already comprehensive IT knowledge by…

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What is a web (DNS) filter?

What is a web (DNS) filter? Businesses need safe browsing practices and a good DNS filtering program as part of an overall security solution. Web filtering protects you and your employees by blocking out malicious content, as well as productivity-draining sites. What are some benefits from having a good DNS filtering program? Strengthened cybersecurity Boost…

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Video Conferencing Security

Video Conferencing Security Video conferencing platforms have become a crucial way to work and collaborate during the Covid pandemic. We use them too! However, security issues are real, and you want to take the appropriate steps to keep your organization’s data and information safe and secure, and not accessible to malicious individuals and actions. We…

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Vacation Scams

Vacation Scams We’re all looking for a good vacation, and who doesn’t want a great deal?! But be aware. There are plenty of scammers trying to trick you with free or discounted trips, phony rental listings, bogus time share buyers, etc. Here’s what you need to know to avoid a scam and enjoy your vacation.

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Team Celebrations!

Team Celebrations! The Akamai team is celebrating two July birthdays – happy birthday to our much valued team members Shawn and Robert! They’re knowledgable and fun to work with, and they are very appreciated by both the team and clients. Cheers to another great year!

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Take a Break!

Take a Break! Cabin fever? Us too! Colorado is the perfect place to take a break from corona news, working from home stresses and get out and enjoy the great outdoors. However, know before you go! COTREX, Colorado Trail Explorer, is a free app where you can check the status of trails, see if specific…

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The Cost of Phishing

The Cost of Phishing The average cost of a phishing attack for a mid-sized company is $1.6 million. The human element is the weakest component in a company’s security, and we’ve partnered with PhishingBox to provide our clients with an effective security awareness training platform. Contact us to find out how we can help your…

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Office365 and Backups

Office365 and Backups Microsoft does not specialize in data backup and recovery, and their policies are not designed so that customers have direct access to backed up data with the ability to easily restore it. In order to keep your company’s data safe, you’re ultimately responsible for making sure you have solid backup and recovery…

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Working from Home IT Tips

Working from Home IT Tips Our lives have changed dramatically over the last couple of months. Millions of Americans are working from home to help contain the spread of Covid-19. Technology plays a huge part in providing businesses and employees with the tools they need to be successful, but there are steps you should take…

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Cybercrime and You

> Cybercrime and You > Your Security Awareness Training > Essential, Non-Negotiable Tech Tools for Small Business > What Does Multi-Factor Authentication Actually Mean? > Peter’s Bucket List Dive Trip to Indonesia Cybercrime and You > How data breaches happen > The personal impact of cybercrime > The threat in your pocket Learn more about…

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7 Steps to Cybersecurity

Notes from the Team: 7 Steps to Cybersecurity We’re Hiring! The Akamai Culture, Part III: Commitment Events: IT Security Presentation Check Us Out! Happy Fall from the Team!   Notes from the Team: 7 Steps to Better Cybersecurity In a world of increasing attacks on companies, both big and small, there are steps you can take to…

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The Costs and Damages of Ransomware

April Newsletter > President’s Thoughts > Happy Anniversary, D.L. Adams! > The Cost and Damages of Ransomware > Introducing Akamai SmartMail > Camilla at Girls Rising “Doing the Right Thing” “At Akamai Systems Consulting, we’ve always worked so that we do the right thing for our clients, knowing that it will pay off in the…

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