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Akamai Systems Consulting has its roots from Hawaii and takes its name, Akamai, from the Native Hawaiian word for sharp, smart or intelligent. Our goal is to design and deliver “smart solutions” with our warm and friendly consultants. When it comes to choosing an IT solutions partner, shouldn’t you make an intelligent choice?

We bring our experience, technical knowledge and a touch of the Aloha spirit to your company. We know from working with our current business partners we are more than an IT partner. We provide friendly, affordable, agile solutions and take a vested interest in seeing your company succeed.

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Akamai Systems

Where Functionality and Productivity Meet

Choosing an IT Solutions Providers can be a daunting task. We provide fast friendly service in a language that is easy to understand. Working with Akamai Systems Consulting will bring significant gains in response times, availability of support and quality of service. If you take costs to customer service, loss of sales and wasted staff time into account, partnering with Akamai Systems Consulting is highly cost effective.


  • Value–We make your IT dollars count. When you consider how IT affects your businesses customer service, sales and staff, partnering with Akamai Systems Consulting is highly cost effective.
  • Quick Response–We respond quickly to requests. We are a small business that understands your urgencies.
  • Peace of Mind–Relax, with our proven technology solutions, systems monitoring, unrelenting and experienced support, your business is covered!
  • Communication Style–You will be comfortable with our communication as our services are presented in a language that is easy to understand. We are not geeks.
  • Partnership–We take pride in understanding your business and gaining your trust. We strive for long term relationships with the highest satisfaction from our customers.
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